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What is WPC Door?

It is made by mixing superfine wood powder and polymer resin through molding process. It has both the excellent characteristics of wood and plastic, and the products produced have achieved the effect of real imitation wood. Since the raw materials used and the production process are not glued together, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and polyethylene will be produced. It is a green and environmentally friendly new material that replaces traditional wood.

Is the interior of the painted door solid or semi-solid?

Considering that wood materials and regenerated wood materials have certain characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, a hollow area is properly reserved inside the door, that is, semi-solid filling, which can better ensure the stability of product quality, so we do not advocate you choose full solid fill inside for door core.You can choose Tubular Core Plate, Plywood Semi-Solid Filling, MDF/HDF Board Semi-Solid Filling, Solid Wood Strip Semi-Solid Filling as the door core material, also can with the honeycomb paper, aluminum honeycomb.

Is the WPC door healthy?

The raw materials used in WPC door are formed under high temperature, high pressure and vacuum conditions. The material does not contain formaldehyde. The heat transfer technology is used in the secondary processing, free of paint, and no toxic and harmful gases and odors are released during production and use, so it is a human-friendly product that meets the environmental protection standards of modern interior decoration.

What type door suitable for paint?

Composite veneer doors and solid wood doors are suitable for painting. Paint can give the door richer colors and more styles. Paint can ensure that the product finish has better sealing performance, making the product quality more stable.

What is WPC door application?

Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, insect-proof, non-deformable WPC products have dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so WPC suit doors are not only used for indoor doors, but also suitable for places with large temperature differences, humidity, and poor ventilation , such as wet toilets, need anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, moth-proof storage rooms, etc.

How long for door paint to dry?

After each paint spraying, it will be placed in a special negative pressure drying room. After 18 hours, the surface layer will be completely dry, and then it will be dried in a natural space. It will take 48-72 hours for the essence to dry completely, depending on the air humidity.

Why can WPC doors be waterproof?

The molecular-grade resin powder contained in WPC door, after high-temperature foaming, completely wraps the wood powder to isolate water molecules. The water absorption rate of wood is about 12%, and the water absorption rate of WPC doors is less than 1%. Basically does not absorb water. The water absorption rate of BLOSSOM CHEER's WPC door is 0.3%, which is absolutely waterproof, and can even be used directly in water for a long time.

How to paint a door with gloss paint?

For wooden door paint, we prefer matte paint finish, because the matte texture is better and can match the style of the overall space more widely. If you need to make high-gloss painted wooden doors, the production process is the same, and the gloss needs to be tested with special photometry equipment. You can make a sample and confirm it first to ensure the accuracy of customization.

Why can WPC doors can flame retardant?

Since the WPC door is manufactured under high temperature and high pressure environment, it will not support combustion when it encounters fire, and has good flame retardancy and other characteristics. It should be noted that flame retardant does not mean that it can be used as a fire door. In case of fire or other situations, the WPC door is easy to soften when encountering high temperature, so it cannot be directly used for fire doors.

Why is it said that WPC doors are healthy and environmentally friendly?

WPC doors are not mixed with any glue adhesives during the production process, so there will be no toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., and it is a new green and environmentally friendly material. In our national standard, the standard requirement is ≤1.5mg/L, and the detection structure of BLOSSOM CHEER is ≤0.2mg/L, which also meets the EO level standard (European environmental protection standard), so the product is very standard and healthy. For more information, please refer to our test report.

How can room doors enhance the overall guest experience?

Room doors can enhance the guest experience by providing a warm welcome, personalization, and easy navigation.

Are biometric access control systems safe for guests?

Biometric access control is secure and enhances guest safety, as it's difficult to duplicate biometric data.

What privacy solutions do luxury hotels offer?

Luxury hotels often have soundproofing measures, privacy indicators, and high-quality materials in place to ensure privacy.

How can hotels maintain the aesthetics of their room doors?

Hotels can maintain aesthetics through custom designs and the use of luxurious materials.