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FAQ For Wood Paint Door
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FAQ For Wood Paint Door

Is the interior of the painted door solid or semi-solid?

Considering that wood materials and regenerated wood materials have certain characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, a hollow area is properly reserved inside the door, that is, semi-solid filling, which can better ensure the stability of product quality, so we do not advocate you choose full solid fill inside for door core.You can choose Tubular Core Plate, Plywood Semi-Solid Filling, MDF/HDF Board Semi-Solid Filling, Solid Wood Strip Semi-Solid Filling as the door core material, also can with the honeycomb paper, aluminum honeycomb.

What type door suitable for paint?

Composite veneer doors and solid wood doors are suitable for painting. Paint can give the door richer colors and more styles. Paint can ensure that the product finish has better sealing performance, making the product quality more stable.

How long for door paint to dry?

After each paint spraying, it will be placed in a special negative pressure drying room. After 18 hours, the surface layer will be completely dry, and then it will be dried in a natural space. It will take 48-72 hours for the essence to dry completely, depending on the air humidity.

How to paint a door with gloss paint?

For wooden door paint, we prefer matte paint finish, because the matte texture is better and can match the style of the overall space more widely. If you need to make high-gloss painted wooden doors, the production process is the same, and the gloss needs to be tested with special photometry equipment. You can make a sample and confirm it first to ensure the accuracy of customization.

Is the manufacturing process of HPL simple?

The manufacturing process of HPL is very complicated and requires multiple processes. Firstly, the multi-layer cellulose paper and phenolic resin are mixed according to a certain ratio, and then subjected to high temperature and high pressure treatment to press it into a board. The surface of HPL can be made into a variety of colors and textures, making it also have a good performance in decoration.