Modern Plate Carbon Crystal Flame Retardant Wooden Barn Door For Hotel Project
Modern Plate Carbon Crystal Flame Retardant Wooden Barn Door For Hotel Project
Modern Plate Carbon Crystal Flame Retardant Wooden Barn Door For Hotel Project
Modern Plate Carbon Crystal Flame Retardant Wooden Barn Door For Hotel Project

Item specifics

Room Door
Barn Door
Interior Door
Wood Material
Carbon Crystal
Flame Retardant
Customize Color
Customize Size
Customize Style
15-25 Days Production
Provide Sample
Graphic Design



Design Inspiration
This door is made from high quality plate carbon crystal, providing excellent fire resistance and insulation performance. It also has a strong flame retardant ability and sound insulation performance. In addition, it has a beautiful surface, is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The door structure adopts a special design, which is not only safe and reliable but also has a good sound insulation effect. The door frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is light and strong, and the surface is treated with electrostatic spray, making it durable and beautiful.
Video & Application
The plate carbon crystal flame retardant wooden barn door for hotel project is a unique and eye-catching door solution for any hotel. It features a carbon crystal plate flame-retardant core sandwiched between two layers of wood, making it both lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. The door is perfect for hotel projects due to its fireproof rating, as well as its classic, rustic design. This particular door is designed to be both attractive and durable, allowing for a long-lasting use. The door is fireproof, as it contains a flame-retardant core that is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°C. This ensures that guests and staff are kept safe in the event of a fire.
Product Parameter
Mould Design Door: is refers to the style design that already has a mold to make it, and the style and color have been fixed.
Single-Color Doors: are made into flat-panel styles using conventional standard melamine colors. Aluminum alloy decorative strips, etc. it can can also be added to the flat-panel style. 
1-Door standard height:
2100mm (82.6inch)
2-Door standard width:
3-Lock distance from door panel bottom:
1000mm (39.3inch)
4-Customize door max. height:
2150mm (84.6inch)
5-Customize door max. width:
6-Customize door max. height:
7-Customize door max. width:
Above is for panel 
About Customize
Internal filling material:
Solid Wood,Particle Board(or plywood,Tubular Core Board,etc.) composite materials
Conventional solid wood species:
Composite Wooden
Optional types:
Single swing Door,Pocket door,Barn door,Double unequal door,Double Entrance door,Ghost door
Customize design:
Flat,Metal Strip design
Finish color customization:
Yes, support
Sample customize:
Yes, support
Production time:
15-25 days
Details & Features
The Surface Of The Door
The Panel Of The Door
Extended Designs
Finished Door Details
Groove Line Lacquer Painting Door Design Customize
Lacquer Painting Door, suitable for a variety of scenarios.
Carbon Crystal Door 
Can make the door with many styles as needs, to adopt different application and usage.
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